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Our story

With decades of experience working with artists at Fresh Paint, Josetta Sbeglia and co founder Cathy Benavides, a social worker, have taken the show on the road to represent a new venue, the Global Trunk.

Always interested in cultural experiences, Josetta visited Guatemala in 2011, where she was enchanted by the Mayan culture, and awestruck by the beauty of their textiles and handiwork. Returning to Guatemala with her niece Cathy the following year, they visited villages in the Western Highlands and the Lake Atitlan, where they encountered wonderful crafts amongst the village artisans. Most notable were the textiles, which were back strap woven and hand embroidered by generations of local women. This weaving tradition has been in existence in Guatemala since the 1500’s, and is the inspiration behind the company.

At first, the Global Trunk represented our vision of supporting Mayan communities in Guatemala. However, our travels now create many opportunities to sustain the creation of handmade crafts amongst indigenous artisans, from around the world.



"In my love for travel, exploring art, attraction to color and texture, the creativity to repurpose, and the ability to represent artistry, I have been able to create a new venue that gives back to communities."

                    - Josetta 

"Through my travels, I am able to learn, embrace cultures and create relationships, and now create an opportunity to give back in a responsible and sustainable way, by exposing unique products and craftsmanship to a larger market." 

                   - Cathy